What is BlockStacks: Decentralized Internet Platform!

Shakhawat Hossain - 0xShakhawat
4 min readOct 6, 2020

If you haven’t gone deep into Internet technology yet, you may have never heard of BlockStack. Blockstack is basically a blockchain based decentralized internet platform, where users have complete control over their own data and identity. Thus, the technical term is becoming a little difficult to understand, so I say simply. As I said before, today’s post will be a little shorter, because here are just a few basic ideas about the blockstack platform.

You can compare the blockstack platform with Google. A huge platform, where users are provided with different types of services through a single user account. Such as- Google search, cloud storage, photo backup service, translation service, web hosting service and many more. Blockstack does the same thing as Google. So how is it different from Google?

The blockchain platform is similar to Google but it is a blockchain based platform. That is, all BlockStack services are open-source and primarily free. Blockstack users like Google do not show ads to users by collecting data. Because, there is no need to collect user data on decentralized platforms. Blockstack basically provides a variety of different web apps for different tasks, which run in the browsers of local users. A user can use all blockstack apps for free by using his blockstack account and private key.

At Blockstack you will find about 450+ different apps for different types of work at the moment. Let me give you a few examples. With Blockstack you will find everything from personal blog apps, online file storage, file sharing services, photo backup services, forms services, online accounting software, web hosting and many more small tools that you can use just using a blockstack account. By the way.

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Advantages and disadvantages of blockstack

Blockstack basically wanted to create a blockchain based ecosystem where all apps and all web services would be decentralized. The entire blockchain ecosystem is built on top of the Stacks Blockchain. Blockstack uses two systems called STX Token and Gaia to store and verify users 'data and information, ensuring maximum security of users' data and identity. As a blockchain based platform, you will get a variety of extras in the apps built on this platform, which you will not get in other cases.

For example, the blockstack ecosystem has a file sharing app called Envelop, which has no file size limit. This means that only by using this Envelop app, you can share unlimited size files with anyone. There are so many more features in Blockstack that if you use any app hosted on Blockstack you will think that it is a completely different world of internet.

All you need to use Blockstack's full platform is a user account and your private key, which you will generate during the signup process. In the case of blockstack, your name and your email address have no value. All you have to do here is remember your private key and log in to the blockstack ecosystem using this private key.

Well, let's take a look at some decentralized web apps that you can find in the blockstack ecosystem and use for free. These may not be as reliable as your regular apps, but you can try them out. And yes, Blockstack's entire platform is still in the experimental stage. So it's not uncommon to find bugs in blockchain apps.

Some web apps of the Bluestack ecosystem

In the table below you will find the names of some apps of the blockstack ecosystem, which you can access using a single blockstack account. However, there are many more apps on the blockstack. Follow the link below the table to find many more blockstack apps.

Pravica Secure Communication App
BlockSurvey Secure Survey App
Xor Drive Secure File Storage
Sigle Decentralized Open Source Blog Maker
RunKod Decentralized Web Hosting
Forms.id Decentralized Form App (Similar to Google Forms)
Envelop Free unlimited File Sharing solution
Recall Decentralized Photo Storage

More BlockStack Apps