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Are you interested in earning a PenTest certification? I placed some in great demand on the market.

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eJPT (eLearnSecurity Junior Penetration Tester)

An excellent certification for those who are starting their journey as a PenTester, a practical certification that focuses on points such as PenTest in Networks and Web.


A PenTest certification that focuses not only on practical concepts but also on the previous processes of pentest, such as scoping, planning, and vulnerability management. The market ends up asking a lot for this certification. Beyond and being part of DoD 8570.

PNPT (TCM Security — Practical Network Penetration Tester)

A certification that covers all aspects of a PenTest black box, focusing on the perspective of an external network to an internal network, compromising an environment as realistic as possible with vulnerabilities and methods widely used, from AD, Linux, Web App and Network environments. Strongly recommend if you want to hone your skills as a network pentester.

OSCP (Offensive Security Certified Professional)

A PenTester certification is for those who already have some experience and want to expand their skills even further, performing pentest in AD, Linux, and Web app environments, exploring different attack vectors such as Buffer Overflow and others, It is highly requested certification in the market and I recommend having it is on your resume.

CRTO (Zero Point Security Certified Red Team Operator)

A certification for Red Team professionals who want to improve their skills in Adversary Emulation, Evasion Techniques, Command and Control and PenTest in AD Infrastructure. I strongly recommend.

CRTP (PenTest Academy Certified Red Team Professional)

A certification for anyone looking to improve their skills in pentesting Active Directory (AD) and Windows infrastructure, I highly recommend it.

CHMRS (CyberWarFare Hybrid Multi-Cloud Red Team Specialist)

This certification will be in great demand, mainly due to the shortage of professionals with skills in pen-testing in hybrid cloud environments, so I recommend that anyone who wants to qualify for pen-testing in GCP, Azure and AWS take a look at this certification.

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Used criteria: — Price and accessibility — Number of vacancies requested — Skills acquired — How valuable will it be for your resume — Development of your skills

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